I n 1992, when western herbs are still strange to Taiwan and Asia, herbal tea was not popular. That was when and why Shuan Young Enterprise was established. Always focusing on herbal and fruit infusions, Shuan Young hopes to introduce the culture of herbal tea to tea lovers, source quality materials from all over the world, and keep the market updated with the latest trend of herbal and fruit infusions in the world.
Since 1996, our private brand Magnet has established itself as a professional herbal tea maker. From the science of material processing to the novelty of product developing, Magnet has always been working better products and services to meet all sorts of market needs, and greater customer Satisfaction.
Cooperating with the leading suppliers of herbs and fruit blends , we source quality materials from all over the world.

We keenly monitor each process of material, from sieving, drying, cutting, to blending.

We also check product safety via all necessary analyses. All of our products meet the regulation both in EU and Taiwan, including the strict environment and food safety regulations of Germany.

We store the herbs and fruit materials in conditioned warehouse, with temperature of 20℃ and relative humidity of 55%.
With specialized R&D team, we develop and adjust the tea formula in accordance with the taste of Asian markets.
We are the trend setter that introduces new concepts and new materials from Europe.
We promote and source indigenous herbal materials from Taiwan, and develop them into unique local products.
We probe into the culture of herbal tea and explore different applications of herbal materials in everyday life.
Shuan Young provides comprehensive services as follows: Wholesale/Retail/Gifts/Oversea Sales/OEM/ODM
If you need any service , please contact with us.
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